A Message from Simon - I am pleased to announce...

A Message from Simon - I am pleased to announce...

I am pleased to announce that TIMCO has been acquired by BUFAB, a Swedish C-Parts Supply Chain Partner. Over the past twenty years TIMCO has seen incredible growth and it’s been an amazing journey; we are very thankful for your ongoing support and business. With BUFAB’s support and investment TIMCO will be able to continue the success story. Our goals remain unchanged. We will continue to accelerate growth and expand the range of products for you, while still maintaining our first-class customer service that you have come to know and enjoy.

Having a large and reputable worldwide owner will secure the future of TIMCO, giving you, our valued customers, as well as our colleagues, and suppliers, both security and confidence in the long term.

BUFAB was founded in 1977 and is an international company with operations in 28 countries. The head office is located in Värnamo, Sweden and BUFAB has about 1,500 employees. Bufab offers its customers a full-service solution as a key supply chain partner of C-Parts such as screws, fixings and fasteners.

There will be no changes to the TIMCO business and how it is managed; I will continue to lead the company as Managing Director with the other directors remaining. Our Dear Mum ethos, TIMCO hug and culture remain at the heart of everything we do.

This really is a very exciting time in TIMCO’s landmark 50th year and I am looking forward to working with you and with our new colleagues at BUFAB.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Midwood

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23/03/2022 15:33
Dear Simon, I would like to thank you for making Timco the company it is today. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Timco and I DESPERATELY HOPE that under it's new umbrella, the path you have set in on will continue to be followed! Very best wishes, Rachel Betts,  C.C.Betts & Son Ltd