Gordon’s fundraiser for ‘The Pink Ribbon Foundation’

Gordon’s fundraiser for ‘The Pink Ribbon Foundation’

Starting on the 23rd of August 2024, Gordon is set to trek from the North Coast to the South Coast of Iceland, Solo & unsupported to spread awareness of Breast Cancer.

Here’s a quote from Gordon himself.

“Iceland is one of the last true wildernesses in the world where there is no civilisation between these points. This will see me cover 547 Kilometres in 16 days (the record for this is 14 days) over mountainous terrain, miles of ash deserts, and volcanic landscapes. There are no shops or people for support, so everything I require will need to be carried by myself. This includes food and water. For me, this is one of the greatest challenges I have faced. Having previously trekked the Amazon Jungle, and reached 27,000 feet on a failed attempt of Mount Everest, I was a lot younger then and had my full health. Unfortunately after a massive heart attack 7 years ago, I live with ¾ of a functional heart, so this is going to be a greater challenge than what I might have achieved before( as I sometimes find myself breathless when merchandising for TIMCO) 😊

I aim to do this in support of all women who suffer from Breast Cancer and on behalf of my partner Yelena, who has been going through cancer operations for 6 months now. I have seen the mental trauma it can cause in women firsthand and the feelings of loneliness they encounter. Breast Cancer is the second biggest killer in women. As a man, I would give my last breath to help fight for our wives, partners, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Women shouldn’t be left to fight alone. Women are the backbone of all our lives and our families’ lives. They are the mainstay of our existence and should know that people are there to support them in any way they can.

If you know of or have personal experience of Breast Cancer in your life and you feel you would like to support this fund-raising challenge then I have included a link below. If you can spare £5.00 or more then I would be truly grateful.“

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