New Look Website Continues to Evolve

New Look Website Continues to Evolve

Improved Customer Experience

The TIMCO website continues to evolve and we are committed to making our website more engaging, informative, efficient and intuitive with every enhancement. Over the last two months, we have launched several additions to the website to improve the overall experience for our customers including these key changes:


Volume Discounts

Product pricing is now clearly shown in pack, carton and pallet quantities. Discounts are now available when buying in full carton or pallet multiples. Where an item is not packed in cartons such as C2 Tubs or Nail Tubs a quantity break discount will also be available.


Web Order Discount

Customers now receive an additional 2% discount for all placed via the TIMCO website.


CSV Upload

For customers who do not want to ‘double key’ we have launched a CSV upload functionality where you can simply upload your order via a CSV file, alleviating the need to double key your order. Once the order has been uploaded customers will have instant stock visibility.


Product Data Download

Customers can now download TIMCO’s product specific information and supporting web images. This enhancement allows customers to utilise the data for both online and offline purposes such as bespoke websites and marketing collateral.


Launching in March

And finally, next month will see the addition of ‘Alternative Products’ on the respective product pages. Where a product is temporarily out of stock, the website will show a maximum of two, available and comparable alternatives.



Whatever customers need and whenever they need it, we do whatever it takes to make it happen. We wouldn’t put our name to anything less. 

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