Silicone & Acrylic Sealants in Aluminium Foils

Silicone & Acrylic Sealants in Aluminium Foils

Joshua Lockett, Product Manager at TIMCO talks about industry trends and customer demand the company is seeing in the world of sealants.


Silicone & Acrylic Sealants

More and more people in the construction industry are looking for quality multi-use products that can be used on more than one type of job, whilst still meeting safety standards against a backdrop of increasing environmental considerations across all industries.


Environmental Impact

10.9 million tonnes of waste is created in the UK each year and the construction industry contributes 30% of this waste. This is why The Government set targets for the industry to reduce this figure by 70% by 2020. The industry has recognised the damage it has done to the environment and has exceeded this target, but it is still something that we all need to be continually mindful of how we can play our part in reducing the impact further.

Unfortunately, although we are getting much better as an industry at ‘thinking green’, other parts of the world have been more on the front foot in introducing environmentally friendly products and packaging.

Aluminium foils are one such type of packaging that tradesmen in other parts of the world such as Europe, Japan and America, are used to using. But historically not here in the UK where plastic cartridges are very much embedded in our work culture.

The cartridges are costly and not easy to recycle, meaning 100 million of them end up in landfill each year. This is equivalent to five Olympic swimming pools in size.

Earlier this year, TIMCO launched its own foil packaging for storing sealants. These are the first range of products to appear in the new foil packaging, but we will be looking to expand the range and aim to offer a foil based alternative where viable and possible in the medium to long term.

The benefits for using this material instead of plastic cartridges include the fact that they are 96% recyclable and contain less than 1% plastic. In addition, they have the same shelf life as cartridges, and they are easy to use. A lot of people think that the foils are messy to use but in fact the opposite is true, plus one nozzle can be used for a whole carton of product.

We will still be offering a choice to our customers meaning cartridges will be running alongside the foil packaging. We recognise that switching to foils requires a change in mind set, which is why we are supporting the range with bespoke point of sale to highlight the environmental benefits.


 The Current Range

The TIMCO foils are currently available in our acetoxy silicone, premium LMN silicone, bathroom and sanitary silicone and acrylic caulk products.

As we progress into 2021, we will continue to review our packaging in line with changing customer and environmental needs, as well as carry on delivering high-quality products that get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we make it happen.

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