TIMco is Opening Doors with New Additions to their VETO Security & Ironmongery Range

TIMco is Opening Doors with New Additions to their VETO Security & Ironmongery Range

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have become the exclusive UK supplier for the innovative and award winning Fantom Doorstop - the world’s first fully concealed, flush finish and trip-hazard-free door stop, like no other in the market! Not only this, but we have also launched a new range of Quality Steel Hinges! These two new additions will both sit under our Veto Security & Ironmongery range.


The doorstop, the flagship product from Australian company Fantom Hardware, has been designed with the aim of solving trip hazards whilst also improving aesthetics. Unlike conventional door stops today, the Fantom Doorstop poses no trip hazard due to its innovative design that uses a powerful rare earth magnet to activate a pin that is recessed into the floor to stop the door and hold it in place. So powerful that even fast-swinging doors can be stopped in their tracks!


Additionally, the Fantom Doorstop is perfectly concealed, with the stainless-steel striker plate fitted underneath the door. This product does not have any unsightly hardware on display and all moving parts are hidden underneath the door, making it an extremely convenient solution for rooms featuring an unusual layout where it isn’t feasible to use a traditional doorstop. It can be fitted to all floor surfaces including wooden floors, tiles, polished concrete and even carpet and is available in five different finishes: Clear, White, Black, Chrome and Brushed Alloy.


The new range of Quality Steel Hinges, also launching under the VETO Security & Ironmongery brand, comprises of 116 hinges in total, all available in steel apart from one option in cast iron. The designing and manufacturing of the hinges have been completed to the highest standards associated with TIMco.


In terms of merchandising, the new VETO Security & Ironmongery range will be individually packed in polybags with a bespoke label and barcode, making it an easy task for the merchant. The range can also be merchandised on the existing TIMco stands in dedicated trays, alongside supporting POS, which will improve both the ease and navigation of the shopping experience for consumers.


The Fantom Doorstop and Quality Steel Hinges are available to purchase from this month. Browse the full collection on our website.


If you have any questions about our VETO Security & Ironmongery range, drop us a tweet or send us a message on Facebook.


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